Core Concepts for the Passive Real Estate Investor

Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate Industry Structure and Strategy

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If you want to maximize your returns in real estate investing while minimizing your chance of loss, this course will provide you with the groundwork for understanding how to spread your capital across different types of real estate and different investment strategies.You will learn how to recognize all the various options, so you can decide which make the most sense to you, and enable you to start to broaden your understanding of the different risk/return profile options so you can begin to build a diversified portfolio.

Part I: The 5 Types of Real Estate

While there is an almost endless variety of real estate investment opportunities, in broad sweeps there are only 5 basic categories by which most deals can be categorized.In this section you will learn what these five types are, how they are defined and how they are segmented within their classification.

Part II: The 4 Development Strategies

Overlaying the entire real estate sector, irrespective of the type of real estate you are looking at, is the strategy a sponsor/developer is considering for generating revenues through rents or sale from the subject property.This section will give you a solid overview of the four development strategies that developers employ and of their comparative risk return profiles, so you can start to hone your preferences for what you want to invest in.Understanding these different strategies will enable to recognize different approaches to making money in real estate as used by professionals so that you can not only recognize them but also decide which best fit your own risk tolerance standards.

Your Instructor

Dr. Adam Gower
Dr. Adam Gower

Dr. Adam Gower is the world's foremost expert on raising real estate capital online.

He has combined his decades long experience in real estate investment and finance with best-of-class digital marketing techniques to create the Investor Acquisition System - a process utilized by sponsors and crowdfunding platforms to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

He has held senior management positions at some of the largest real estate companies and institutions in the world and is recognized as an industry thought leader on the impact of crowd funding on the industry. During the 1990’s he was President and CEO of a division of Universal Studios developing their real estate portfolio throughout the Asia Pacific Region. After the financial crisis of 2008 had taken hold, Dr. Gower advised major regional banks and the world's largest private equity fund on their asset disposition strategies, assisting them to divest of large portfolios of real estate collateralized loans, and personally transacting in excess of $1.5 billion in real estate of all types.

Dr. Gower builds digital marketing platforms for developers so they can raise capital online and has taught the only fully accredited course in the country that focuses on real estate syndication investment via crowdfunding.

His first book Jacob Schiff and the Art of Risk, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) examines how investment banks mitigated risk in the early 20th Century and his work linking regulatory changes of today with practices described in this book are considered by many as being groundbreaking.

His second book, Leaders of the Crowd, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) is based on his internationally syndicated podcast series, The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show, Syndication in the Digital Age. Dr. Gower is the founder of GowerCrowd, the real estate syndication industry's leading resource for news, training, and online education for both sponsors and investors alike.

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